Episode 2

Published on:

10th Sep 2020

Mindset Matters: Interview with Pat Mesiti

In this livestream interview, Rachel talks with internationally celebrated speaker, entrepreneur, mindset growth strategist and 9-time best-selling author, Pat Mesiti about mindset, how to set goals and more. 


  • 01:30: Background on Pat Mesiti
  • 04:29: What led Pat to do the work he does today
  • 07:09: Advice on overcoming struggles right now
  • 11:55: Turn a negative into a positive
  • 18:22: Create your own economy
  • 23:23: You'll never prosper if you're not passionate
  • 26:18: How to create an abundant mindset
  • 31:11: The importance of finding a mentor
  • 33:53: Finding motivation when it's hardest
  • 40:25: Quote of the month


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