Episode 1

Published on:

11th Aug 2020

The Importance of Self-Belief

In this episode, Rachel Withers discusses the importance of self-belief and shares personal stories of ways in which a lack of self-belief has held her back, and how improving her self-belief has opened new doors for her life and business. Your beliefs and self-talk are enormous factors that shape your ability to realize your goals and create the life you want, and this episode will help you shape your thoughts to believe anything is possible. 


  • 02:00: For those that don't know me...
  • 03:42: Mindset topic of the week
  • 07:00: Overcome that negative mindset!
  • 15:12: This is why your self-talk is so important
  • 20:54: "It's not how successful I am now. It's all about how successful I want to be."
  • 22:02: Expect challenges, this isn't easy!
  • 28:03: Fixed and growth mindset
  • 42:53: Practicing mindfulness
  • 45:57: Mindset quote of the month


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