Episode 8

Published on:

23rd Nov 2021

Mindset Matters: Interview with Judy Wong

In the latest installment of Mindset Matters, Rachel Withers is joined by Judy Wong, Author and Public Speaker, to discuss empowering others to find greater fulfillment in their lives.

Her Amazon #1 Best Selling book on leadership, The Softer Side of the Corner Office was instrumental in helping women recognize and avoid some of the common pitfalls of climbing the corporate ladder. 

As a corporate governance specialist, having worked on Wall Street and with executives for Fortune 500 companies across various industries, Judy has an eye for reputational and branding risks. She has helped companies save millions of dollars by implementing the right strategies and protection mechanisms ahead of turbulent times.

This episode features a wonderful conversation surrounding the importance for creating strong connections and living more vibrantly to build greater prosperity.


0:30 - Overview on Judy Wong

4:32 - Judy's Amazon #1 Best Selling book on leadership, The Softer Side of the Corner Office

7:05 - The common pitfalls of climbing the corporate ladder

8:45 - What life was like for Judy when she was balancing being a mother and working a corporate job

12:00 - What led Judy to trying dance

14:07 - Judy dancing at a rehearsal

15:22 - Judy's contribution to Rachel's book, Don't Wait in the Wings

16:08 - The positives that dancing has brought into Rachel's life

17:57 - Judy's journey of self-discovery through dance

22:33 - Why anyone would benefit from implementing dance into their lives

24:33 - How dance evokes a physical and mental challenge

28:03 - How you can get in touch with Judy

28:30 - Closing remarks

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