Episode 9

Published on:

6th Dec 2021

Mindset Matters: Interview with Krystal Longmire

In the latest installment of Mindset Matters, Rachel is joined by Krystal Longmire, the Founder and CEO of Krystal Longmire Wellness, to discuss her passion for helping people awaken their limitless potential so they can create the life of their dreams.

Krystal Longmire Wellness is a personal development and wellness company that hosts programs, courses, and live events that use proven mindset development training combined with yogic principles to deliver a complete mind-body-emotion transformation experience.

Krystal’s flagship program, Awaken your Inner Power, is an 8-week empowerment program in which Krystal draws on her personal experience and growth to help her clients let go of their limiting beliefs, elevate their mindset, release past traumas, and learn to love themselves.


0:50 - Who is Krystal Longmire?

2:55 - Krystal's shift from fitness industry to mindset industry

5:30 - Advice for making a career change

10:20 - An overview of her client experience at Krystal Longmire Wellness

12:30 - The limiting beliefs that creep into our minds

18:00 - What is possible with a proper mindset

20:30 - Key takeaways of Krystal's program, Awaken Your Inner Power

24:30 - Krystal's contribution to "Don't Wait in the Wings"

30:00 - The conscious and subconscious mind

37:30 - How to get in touch with Krystal and learn more about her program

39:00 - Closing remarks

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